The market’s breadth broadened last week as yields fell on a cooler inflation report. In June, the Consumer Price Index increased 3% year-on-year and declined 0.1% month-over-month, raising the prospects of a rate cut in September. In response, there was a rotation out of the Magnificent Seven into the rest of the market. If this
The fintech stocks had their heyday back in 2020-21 when it was thought they’d pose a serious threat to the market share of traditional financial institutions (think the banks). When the pandemic lockdowns happened and online shopping went into overdrive in what was a “roaring start” to the 2020s, it seemed like the market’s fintech
Biotech stocks to buy can be an interesting sector for investors. They can provide massive gains following positive news regarding clinical trials or FDA approvals. However, they may also cause large share price drops following bad news or missed expectations surrounding a company’s treatments. In my opinion, when investing in the biotech industry, it’s best to
Smart fabric stocks include firms that manufacture and market textiles. These textiles are embedded with such components as sensors, actuators, and electronic textiles. These textiles have many uses which include in health monitoring, sports and fitness, fashion, and even in the military.  The production of smart textiles for use in health is an area that
The earnings season has just started with banks reporting mixed results, disappointing investors. The numbers aren’t as great as expected and while only a few companies have reported and they do not set the tone for the earnings season, they sure do set the momentum. With the economy improving, the upcoming months could be interesting for the stock market and investors should
The entire goal of investing is generating wealth over time via capital appreciation and dividends. For income investors, dividend stocks that provide consistent and stable dividends over time (preferably with growth) are among the most sought-after assets in the market. The thing is, finding dividend stocks on the Nasdaq 100 is harder than it looks.
These companies are some of the best picks for semiconductor stocks to buy now.  It’s an interesting time for companies in the semiconductor business. The rise of AI has brought growing demand for specialized, high-performance chips with it, and that’s translated into a small-scale gold rush of sorts for semiconductor chips. Semiconductor chips are electronic
Investing in Bill Ackman stocks ranks among the top picks on the stock market today. Founded over two decades ago, stock picks from Ackman’s Pershing Square hedge fund have become a key talking point among value investors. He embraces maverick investor Warren Buffett’s time-honored principle that “Diversification is protection against ignorance.”Hence, Ackman operates a tightly
Investors should look for top-quality stocks for the remainder of the year. With plenty of uncertainties, a nearing presidential election, geopolitical issues, and a lack of a clear economic trajectory, you want to make sure the stock you’re jumping into is top-quality and fundamentally solid. Look at artificial intelligence stocks, like Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA), for example.