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In this article OXY Vicki Hollub, President and CEO, Occidental Petroleum Corporation, participates in a panel discussion during the annual Milken Institute Global Conference at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on April 29, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California. Michael Kovac | Getty Images As oil prices surge to the highest levels since 2008, Occidental Petroleum CEO
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) proposed, on March 9, 2022, amendments to its rules that are intended to enhance and standardize disclosures by public companies regarding cybersecurity risk management, strategy, governance, and incident reporting. The proposed amendments aim to inform investors about a registrant’s risk management, strategy, and governance, and to provide timely
Damircudic | E+ | Getty Images Women receive a small fraction of venture capital funding and closing the investment gender gap could drive economic growth, according to a new report from Citigroup. Female-founded companies received only 2.1% of venture capital dollars invested in 2021 in the U.S., according to PitchBook. “Lack of access to finance
Investing in collectibles can be rewarding and even lead to significant returns, but there are many risks. Even if you avoid these risks, you still have to account for all the taxes, fees, and costs. However, if you bought a collectible for $500 ten years ago and it’s now being appraised for $8,000, you’re probably
If you’re considering a career in real estate but are relatively busy with work or family obligations, pursuing your training online can make a lot of sense. Fortunately, an array of online real estate schools offer various programs that can meet your needs. While some online real estate training centers offer courses in a self-paced
SpaceX is a privately-funded rocket manufacturer and transport services company. Also known as Space Exploration Technologies, it was founded by Elon Musk. SpaceX has developed a reusable rocket and launch system to significantly reduce the cost of space flight. On May 30, 2020, SpaceX launched its first-ever crewed mission, a test flight called Demo-2 that
In this article C Jane Fraser, chief executive officer for Latin American at Citigroup Inc., smiles during the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills, California, U.S., on Monday, April 29, 2019. The conference brings together leaders in business, government, technology, philanthropy, academia, and the media to discuss actionable and collaborative solutions to some of
(Click here to subscribe to the Delivering Alpha newsletter.) Software has been one of the worst-performing sectors this year amid a rising rate environment and geopolitical tensions overseas.  This comes as no shock to Orlando Bravo who helms tech-focused private equity firm Thoma Bravo. He says the mantra of ‘growth at all costs’ is over and that
Positive Correlation vs. Inverse Correlation: An Overview In the field of statistics, correlation is a relationship between two variables. Variables are correlated if a change in one is accompanied by a change in the other. Correlation shows if the relationship is positive or negative and how strong the relationship is. Inverse correlation is sometimes referred
Billionaire Warren Buffett says he drinks five Cokes a day. Bloomberg | Getty Images Warren Buffett’s recent success from his massive Apple bet is spurring comparisons with the legend’s greatest investment of all time — Coca-Cola. Berkshire Hathaway began buying Apple’s stock in 2016 and amassed a 5% ownership of the iPhone maker by mid-2018 with
Checking accounts offer convenience for managing money, but a sizable number of Americans don’t have one. According to Federal Reserve (Fed) data, 6% of U.S. adults are unbanked, meaning that they have no checking account, savings account, or money market account. Instead, they rely on alternative financial services, such as check-cashing companies and payday lenders,
The COVID-19 pandemic recovery has been fractured and uneven. Millions of Americans remain unemployed, while the wealthiest have grown their fortunes—reinforced by a strong stock market.  As these divergences expand, the term “K-shaped recovery” has emerged. Specifically, it describes how different areas of the economy have recovered at varying speeds. As a “K” letter shape