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Short-squeeze opportunities are capturing the attention of investors, both seasoned traders and newcomers alike. These sudden and dramatic surges in stock prices, can offer enticing prospects for shrewd investors. This article will delve into three unexpected short-squeeze opportunities. These top short-squeeze stocks present intriguing possibilities. When seeking short-squeeze opportunities, identifying stocks with high short interest
Plug Power (NASDAQ:PLUG) has demonstrated impressive top-line growth, and the PLUG stock perma-bulls will be sure to point this out. Yet, that’s not the full story. Even as Plug Power reports strong revenue and issues an ambitious outlook, the hydrogen and fuel cell producer seems to have trouble converting its sales into profits. It’s no secret
With the Scion Asset Management hedge-fund manager rocketing to fame thanks to the film “The Big Short,” seemingly everyone wants to talk about Michael Burry stock picks. Recently, CNBC featured the contrarian and often-enigmatic investor, disclosing Scion’s top 10 holdings as of the first quarter’s end. True to form, these Michael Burry stocks offer an
As the saying goes, “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” That’s the trade-off with high-risk stocks. In exchange for the risk of sustaining large losses, investors in risky equities receive the potential for massive gains. During the 2020/2021 runaway bull market, risk-hungry investors crushed it, as speculative growth stocks soared to lofty prices. This was thanks in large
When I think of activist investors, Carl Icahn and Bill Ackman always come to mind. While you could argue that Ackman doesn’t practice activism often, the duo’s battle over Herbalife (NYSE:HLF) started in 2012 and continued for several years. There was even a documentary made about the fight between the billionaires.  Ironically, Icahn’s firm Icahn Enterprises (NASDAQ:IEP)
High-risk penny stocks have long tempted investors with the potential for significant returns. However, it is crucial to acknowledge the inherent risks associated with these speculative investments. If you’re investing in high-risk penny stocks, prepare for an exhilarating journey. It’s crucial to acknowledge the inherent risks involved in these speculative investments. This article will focus
One of the places to find the best stocks to short are by viewing the Short Interest tables of major financial publications like MarketWatch and the Wall Street Journal. It’s there you find the heavily shorted stocks in the markets. As Investopedia states, “Short interest is the number of shares that have been sold short
High-risk meme stocks have recently become incredibly popular in the media and across social media platforms. However, wagering on unpredictable assets without substance will be detrimental to long-term investors. In fostering a well-rounded strategy, it is imperative to focus on developing a diversified portfolio and focusing on a long-term plan. Stock speculation resembles gambling rather