Stocks to sell

Boeing (NYSE:BA) stock effectively symbolizes the strength of U.S. diplomatic influence and its military prowess. However, the thorns of interconnectivity raise big questions for the company. Source: vaalaa / As you know, the Biden administration along with western allies have imposed severe sanctions on Russia following its decision to invade Ukraine. Due to the
Does the world really need another electric vehicle (EV) start-up? This is the question which California-headquartered Mullen Automotive (NASDAQ:MULN)  — and really, anyone considering investing in MULN stock — will need to answer. Source: Shutterstock It’s going to be difficult for Mullen to justify its existence, as there are plenty of EV manufacturers already and
Three years ago, I warned against buying stock in Nio (NYSE:NIO), the Chinese luxury electric vehicle (EV) maker.  At the time, the stock was selling at $6 per share. Source: Robert Way / I was wrong. Two years ago, as the Covid-19 pandemic began, China’s government put a floor under the NIO stock price.
When it comes to gambling, they say, “the house always wins.” But that hasn’t been the case with DraftKings (NASDAQ:DKNG) and DKNG stock. The i-gaming and online sportsbook operator has captured a large share of the fast-growing U.S. internet gambling market. Source: Tada Images / The problem is that it spends around $2.83 on expenses
Cassava Sciences (NASDAQ:SAVA) is a clinical-stage biotechnology company trying to fight and cure Alzheimer’s disease. Its laudable mission is “to detect and treat Alzheimer’s disease.” The “mission” of SAVA stock, on the other hand, is unclear. Source: Pavel Kapysh / Since 2016, this biotechnology company has had no revenue at all. None. This is a
Evidence strongly indicates that the Chinese government is continuing to intentionally harm Alibaba (NYSE:BABA). Meanwhile, the company’s recently released third-quarter results for BABA stock were uninspiring. Source: Nopparat Khokthong / Its cloud business, after existing many years, is still losing money. Given all of these points, I remain bearish on BABA stock. Indeed, I
Vinco Ventures (NASDAQ:BBIG) is a complicated company. Vinco is planning to merge with ZASH Global, it is acquiring digital advertising service AdRizer and it is spinning off its crypto business, Cryptyde. As a result of all these moves, BBIG stock has been quite volatile. Source: Over time, however, it’s becoming clear that Vinco faces
Headquartered in Burlington, Mass., Desktop Metal (NYSE:DM) is an additive manufacturing company that’s mainly known for its 3D printing business. The terms “additive manufacturing” and “3D printing” might entice technology investors to consider a long position in DM stock, but be careful. Source: Pixel B / It’s entirely possible to believe in a business niche,
At around $20 per share today, is Nio (NYSE:NIO) an opportunity, or a trap? In my view, the latter. Many changes over the past twelve months have, and continue to, put pressure on NIO stock. A little over a year ago, shares in this China-based electric vehicle (EV) maker were flying high. Source: Sundry Photography /
We’re just over a year removed from the shocking short squeeze that upended Wall Street. In late January 2021, GameStop (NYSE:GME) stock surged from around $50 to nearly $500 in the span of a few days, opening investors’ minds to a whole new type of trade. If enough people started to buy a company’s stock
In July of last year, Mad Money‘s Jim Cramer tried to warn prospective investors about Chinese ride-hailing giant DiDi Global (NYSE:DIDI). Referring to Chinese initial public offerings (IPOs) in general and DIDI stock in particular, Cramer cautioned, “you should steer clear of them at all cost.” Source: DANIEL CONSTANTE / In a similar vein, DoubleLine founder