Dividend Stocks

We believe that investors searching for income consider owning master limited partnerships, or MLPs. These stocks typically provide very high yields, often in the high single- to low double-digit range. Of course, high yields often come with high risk, so investors need to identify high-quality MLPs that are likely to continue to at least maintain,
Lumen Technologies (NYSE:LUMN) stock has fallen over 28% in the past nine months. The telecom company’s most recent plunge comes after reporting its underwhelming fourth-quarter results. Source: Shutterstock Moreover, investors fear a potential dividend cut, despite its management’s relentless commitment. Consequently, LUMN stock now trades at a throw-away valuation. LUMN stock hasn’t performed too well at
The good news in 2021 is that dividend payments were back after many companies cut or suspended their payments due to Covid-19. Dividend ETFs were the net beneficiary of this return to normalized payouts. S&P 500 companies increased their dividends last year by more than $70 billion. Morningstar market strategist Dave Sekera believes some of the companies in