In this article SNN SN.-GB Follow your favorite stocksCREATE FREE ACCOUNT A logo sign outside of a facility occupied by Smith & Nephew in Austin, Texas. SIPPL Sipa USA | AP Company: Smith & Nephew (SN.-GB) Business: Smith & Nephew is a British portfolio medical technology company that operates worldwide. The company develops, manufactures, markets
Editor’s note: This article was previously published with the title, “ChatGPT’s Creator is Betting Big on This ‘Limitless Energy’ Breakthrough,” in June 2024. It has since been updated to include the most relevant information available. For a moment, imagine a world of limitless energy – where there’s so much energy produced that everyone, everywhere, can
There is some truth behind the old investment adage, “sell in May and go away.” The summer months tend to be stock market low points with September being one of the worst across all three major market indices. There is even a name for it: the September Effect. But for me, the summer doldrums mean
Uncovering stocks with the potency to thrive and dominate by 2030 is a base for sustainable portfolio growth. Here, the focus is on three standout companies’ strategic and financial edge that may lead the next decade. The first one leverages its pioneering role in haptic technology, fortified by strategic alliances with industry giants. These partnerships
If you don’t own at least one of the Magnificent Seven technology titans, odds are you’re probably trailing the S&P 500 by a wide margin. Indeed, beating the market is tough without some help from the technology sector’s biggest, brightest stars. After explosive rallies enjoyed in recent months, though, some may view the Magnificent Seven
How do you most accurately measure the most profitable stocks? Some look to earnings over time, while others prefer margin-based metrics. Cash flow is king to others; some think growth metrics are the way to go. But if these stats and measures don’t convert to portfolio gains, do they really matter? Instead, we’ll look at
Mary Meeker, a prominent figure in the tech investment landscape, released a report last week urging a collaborative effort among the tech industry, government, and higher education institutions to accelerate artificial intelligence (AI) advancement, highlighting potential stocks to buy in the EdTech sector. The report emphasized the significance of the current moment, which Meeker describes
Last year, gold prices surged as investors sought alternatives to hedge their portfolios against rising inflation and economic uncertainty. Gold prices increased by over 13%, and demand for the precious metal reached 4,899 metric tons. This has contributed to the profitability of the gold industry this year, making gold stocks ideal investment options in the
Morgan Stanley predicts that the value ofthe space sector will reach $1 trillion annually by 2040, up from about $330 billion today, and certain space stocks could benefit greatly from that. Goldman Sachs has a similar outlook. Of course, satellites, satellite launchers, and defense systems are three of the most lucrative parts of the space
Many of yesterday’s meme stocks, once the favorites of speculative traders, now sit forgotten at the bottom of portfolios, their potential for massive gains long gone. The popular sentiment — “It’s only a loss if you sell” — offers little comfort in this scenario. Reinforcing the sentiment that meme stocks’ heyday is long past, many
Editor’s note: “Apple Intelligence: The Next Frontier in AI Development” was previously published in June 2024. It has since been updated to include the most relevant information available. Right now, the world’s most powerful companies are in an all-out race to develop top-tier artificial intelligence. Titans like Microsoft (MSFT), Amazon (AMZN), Alphabet (GOOGL), Meta (META),