📈💡 Welcome to this informative video on profit-taking concepts for selling vertical puts! If you’re new to vertical spreads, check out our YouTube channel or tradersfly.com for comprehensive courses and materials. Now, let’s delve into various ideas for profit-taking in selling vertical puts. Profit-taking is essential when selling vertical puts. Consider profit earned, time remaining,
In today’s episode, we sit down with legendary investor, Tom Gayner, Co-CEO of Markel Corporation. Markel has been referred to as a “Baby Berkshire”, because it is structured similarly to Berkshire Hathaway, and has produced stellar results. Tom has been producing investment returns in the high teens for Markel Corp for over 30 years and
This article provides an overview of the book, Flashboys, which is an account of how the stock market is rigged by the rise of high frequency trading. IN THIS EPISODE, YOU’LL LEARN: – What is High Frequency Trading? – How does High Frequency Trading work? – How will High Frequency Trading affect me as an
Max Kei, Founder of Hodl Hodl and Debifi, explores the future of Bitcoin lending and borrowing. From industry insights to Debifi’s innovative approach, discover the benefits of Bitcoin collateral, multisig security, and fiat loan expansion. Gain valuable perspectives on navigating risks and seizing opportunities in decentralized finance. IN THIS EPISODE, YOU’LL LEARN: 00:00:00 – Intro
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Jeff Walton discusses MicroStrategy’s finance strategies, including valuation and leveraging Bitcoin. We examine price actions, trading methods, and the impact of traditional finance on BTC futures, offering insights into the intersection of enterprise software and financial engineering. IN THIS EPISODE, YOU’LL LEARN: 00:00:00 – Intro 00:03:26 – The role of MicroStrategy in modern financial strategies.
You’ll see how you can get double dividends using the power of options. We’re going to talk about dividends and some real-life examples that will open your eyes when it comes to the power of options and covered writes. #doubledividend #powerofoptions #coveredwrite #multipledividends #coveredcall Posted at: https://tradersfly.com/blog/double-dividends-with-the-power-of-options-covered-writes 💌 Newsletter & Announcements : https://tradersfly.com/go/tube/ 🎁 Discord
In the electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) world, Joby Aviation (NYSE:JOBY) stock remains a top stock I think long-term investors should focus on. Based in California, Joby aims to create scalable eVTOLs for short-distance passenger and cargo transport. Recent partnerships in California, New York, and Dubai hint at Joby’s potential in the emerging industry. 
Evidence continues to accumulate that Palantir’s (NYSE:PLTR) business is growing rapidly, driven by a significant amount of enthusiasm for its Artificial Intelligence Platform which facilitates the use of AI by large companies and government agencies. Nonetheless, AIP is facing tough competition which is likely to greatly rise over the longer term, likely causing PLTR’s growth
Taiwan Semiconductor (NYSE:TSM) stock is the backbone of the burgeoning semiconductor industry. As the world’s leading contract chip manufacturer, TSMC produces the chip that powers everything from smartphones and laptops to advanced AI applications and electric vehicles (EVs).  Wall Street remains bullish on the company’s growth prospects in FY24, as AI tailwinds suggest strong growth
Most semiconductor stocks surged in 2024, but Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) stock hasn’t felt the love, down 7% this year and 18% over the past five years. Intel’s struggles include a diminished outlook and delayed construction for the company’s Ohio plant due to “weak market conditions.” This contrasts starkly with the extremely high chip demand seen across
Monthly dividend stocks are one of my favorite investing strategies, and I recommend them for those who are seeking consistent income streams. These stocks are ideal because instead of paying dividends quarterly, the companies they represent pay their investors monthly. This frequent payout can be particularly attractive for investors looking to supplement their regular income