The broader market indexes would have you believe we’re in the midst of a steady, long-term recovery. But those of us trading individual stocks, especially more speculative penny and growth names, know the truth. This market is still quite choppy. We’ve already seen a handful of scary downturns this year. While they don’t look too
Small-cap stocks are a perennial favorite among retail investors. On average, small-cap stocks (as a category) outperform the overall market over a long enough period. Since analysts began breaking down market capitalization by category in the US, small-cap stocks returned more than 17% annually on average.  However, the upside potential is coupled with greater downside
While the health innovation space presents wild risks, you could potentially swing the odds in your favor with strong buy biotech stocks. Specifically, these ideas represent publicly traded biotechnology firms that enjoy the highest possible consensus rating among Wall Street analysts. So, what’s the key advantage regarding these analyst-endorsed biotech stocks to buy? Fundamentally, you’re
Apparently, electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Mullen Automotive (NASDAQ:MULN) is expanding its business operations into a new area — again. The MULN stock bulls might celebrate this, but consider the big picture. All in all, the risk-to-reward balance still doesn’t favor Mullen Automotive and its investors. I’ll admit, there may be a news item or two
While penny stocks promise substantial potential gains, the reality is that sub-$5 stocks are among the riskiest investments. Their low price often reflects underlying issues like weak business models, high debt, dwindling market share, and uncertain prospects. True, each new month brings fresh investment possibilities where significant capital isn’t required. Penny stocks offer opportunities with