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Amid the economic chaos of 2022, investors have all but forgotten about VR and the once-promising metaverse. Since late 2021, Google search interest in the metaverse has collapsed by 88%. And stocks like Roblox (RBLX) and Meta (META) have been absolutely crushed. But maybe investors shouldn’t have forgotten about the metaverse. Maybe there’s something to
Some stocks under $10 are cheap for a reason, but there are other stocks under $10 that are solid long-term investments. There are all sorts of equities from which to choose when building your portfolio. While there are arguably great names at high prices, it’s important that investors don’t overlook quality stocks to buy for
With the Federal Reserve committed to doing whatever it takes to tackle soaring inflation, investors will likely see their favorite tech stocks to buy stumble. Still, this may not be the appropriate time to give up on the broader innovation sector. Indeed, patient market participants should be ready to acquire compelling discounts. For now, the
If investors weren’t already worried, they should be following the disclosure of inflation numbers on Sept. 13. The U.S. had already experienced two straight quarters of GDP contraction. That news was released in late July. Although two consecutive quarters of GDP contraction meets the technical definition of a recession, economists have hesitated to say that
Investing in early-stage or unknown biotech stocks can be likened to investing in cryptocurrency projects. If the project developments are positive, returns can be multi-folds in a short time. Similarly, biotech stocks can skyrocket on the commercialization of potential blockbuster drugs. With the covid-19 pandemic, investments have surged in the biotechnology sector. As the research
Amid all the market chaos, I’m busy doing one thing: looking for generational investment opportunities. Why? Because history shows that the best time to invest in emerging technological megatrends is when the markets are crashing. That’s exactly what they’re doing in 2022! The best time to invest in computer stocks? After the flash crash of
Investors looking for the best robotics stocks to buy have a lot of things to consider. In response to the global pandemic, supply-chain bottlenecks, trade issues, and geopolitical tensions, most U.S.-based businesses are looking to relocate production closer to their domestic facilities. The nearshoring trend is already taking off, and robotics is expected to be
With several worrying developments domestically and internationally, many investors chose to rush for the exits, though a brave few may have opportunities in small-cap stocks to buy on the dip. Tethered to small-capitalization companies, these market ideas don’t always grab the spotlight. But when they do, their relatively diminutive profiles occasionally enable massive profitability. Effectively,
Given the chaotic developments both economically and geopolitically, much discussion has centered on a potential equities market crash and how certain stocks to buy may benefit over the long run due to the subsequent discount. However, it’s fair to bring up the academic likelihood of such a scenario panning out. According to 2016 research conducted
One of the most satisfying parts about investing is finding hidden gems that have gone unloved or unnoticed by investors, and riding them to substantial returns. Whether you’re looking for unknown tech stocks or sleepers from other sectors, the key is focusing on stocks that aren’t followed closely by analysts and institutions. In 2022, S&P
The latest market downturn has created several opportunities for investors to pick up high-quality, little-known stocks. That includes blue-chip stocks that have shed value since the beginning of the year. Granted, companies out of the mainstream spotlight tend to be riskier than larger counterparts. Nevertheless, the value of little-known stocks cannot be ignored as the
Quality stocks to buy can be hard to find as economic uncertainty prevails. The Federal Reserve is raising interest rates again, this time by another three-quarters of a percentage point. It says it’s prepared to levy more rate increases in its quest to bring inflation under control. The stock market reacted predictably with another drop. For
[Editor’s note: “How to Play Tesla’s Inevitable Demise” was previously published in June 2021. It has since been updated to include the most relevant information available.] Fortune favors the bold. Let’s hope fortune favors me when I say it may be time to bet against Tesla (TSLA). Full disclosure: We own TSLA stock in our Innovation