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The world increasingly relies on the internet to store data, make purchases and communicate with friends. While the digital world has provided many benefits, it has also resulted in cybercrime. Sophisticated hackers use advanced tools and strategies to infiltrate databases and steal valuable resources. Cyberattacks have become common. Sadly, a single incident can wipe out
Labor and industry and flexing their muscles right now in what is being called a worker’s market. Autoworkers are on strike. Unionized pilots just got record pay raises out of all the major airlines. The Teamsters union wrung concessions from United Parcel Service (NYSE:UPS). And union drives continue at American companies as diverse as Starbucks
This article is an excerpt from the InvestorPlace Digest newsletter. To get news like this delivered straight to your inbox, click here. The timpani, surprisingly, is one of the most challenging orchestral instruments to play. Though these kettle drums seem as straightforward as hitting a piñata, the 140-pound vessels are actually the heart of most orchestral
In the current environment, Wall Street has gravitated towards mega-cap technology stocks, while smaller companies remain overlooked. With economic uncertainty sparking risk-off sentiment more broadly, investors have piled into a narrow group of giant tech names viewed as safe havens. However, this has left many compelling small-cap stocks trading at highly-attractive valuations. Astute investors willing
On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve decided to maintain its benchmark interest rate without making any changes. There is increasing confidence that the U.S. will reach normal price levels with little chance of slipping into recession. Economic growth next year is expected to hit 2.1%. That figure is impressive considering that in June, the Federal Open
Technology stocks have made a strong comeback in 2023. For year-to-date, the Standards and Practices (S&P) 500 Information Technology index has surged by 33%. Within the broader technology sector, AI stock have witnessed a massive rally. This is sparking people to seek out AI stocks to buy now. However, even with multi-year industry tailwinds, it’s
While everyone’s eyes are glued to the headline-grabbing electric vehicle manufacturers, truly savvy investors might find more promise in overlooked lithium stocks to buy. As the electrification wave becomes increasingly undeniable, turning to these unsung heroes offers a potentially discounted ticket into a crucially pertinent industry. Unlike brand-specific entities, overlooked lithium stocks have a near
In the ever-dynamic stock market, where trending equities often grab headlines, there’s a compelling case for turning to unloved stocks to buy now. As the allure of top performers captures most investors, the market’s subtle changes hint that these overlooked equities might soon have their day. The Federal Reserve’s this year has tempered the enthusiasm
The National Football League (NFL) is back and bigger than ever. The viewership ratings for the first two weeks of the 2023 season have been exceptionally strong. In fact, the first game that kicked off the season scored the biggest ratings yet for Amazon’s (NASDAQ:AMZN) Prime Video broadcasts of Thursday Night Football. The league just
The semiconductor field evolves rapidly, requiring yearly product upgrades. It’s a complex, costly and vital industry, particularly in the AI and Web 3.0 era, offering growth and security opportunities for top-performing companies. Accordingly, the top chip stocks to buy now continue to outperform, as barriers to entry amplify these market share advantages. In this article,
In the complexities of the market, finding stocks at lower prices that promise both stability and growth can be daunting. However, three tech giants belong in the seriously oversold tech stocks category, amidst the market’s ups and downs. In fact, they offer astute investors a golden opportunity. This article contains the intriguing strategies of these
Cannabis stocks have navigated an extended period of uncertainty and financial depression thanks to regulatory headwinds. Further, most cannabis companies have witnessed an extended period of cash burn. There is, however, some optimism and I believe that these overlooked cannabis stocks to buy should be considered. The good news is that even without federal level