Federal Reserve officials are still persistent on hiking interest rates in the coming months amid inflationary pressures in the U.S. This is a crippling headwind for most tech stocks, as their valuations are tied to future growth, and thus become less attractive investments compared to bonds when rates increase. The possibility of interest rate hikes
In this article ULTA RH MRVL Follow your favorite stocksCREATE FREE ACCOUNT Matt Murphy, president and CEO of Marvell Technology Adam Jeffery | CNBC Check out the companies making headlines before the bell: Marvell Technology — Marvell Technology surged 17% in premarket trading after reporting a top-and-bottom beat in its first quarter. Marvell posted adjusted
In the investing world, top high-yielding dividend stocks can offer robust income streams, potentially acting as strong pillars for conservative investors looking to meet their financial milestones. However, the waters can get murky when you delve into the territory of dividend stocks yielding 20% or more. High yields often emerge from companies grappling with inherent
Short-squeeze opportunities are capturing the attention of investors, both seasoned traders and newcomers alike. These sudden and dramatic surges in stock prices, can offer enticing prospects for shrewd investors. This article will delve into three unexpected short-squeeze opportunities. These top short-squeeze stocks present intriguing possibilities. When seeking short-squeeze opportunities, identifying stocks with high short interest
While nothing moves the world quite like digital innovation, at a certain point, even the most bulletproof enterprises require a cooling-off period, thus segueing to the topic of overvalued tech stocks to sell. To be 100% clear, this narrative does not center on shorting these market ideas. Rather, it’s about considering taking some profits off
As the stock market continues its perpetual dance, marked by unpredictable highs and lows, wagering on the top hyper-growth stocks could be an interesting contrarian move. Hyper-growth stocks have separated themselves from the pack with their robust top-line growth and an incredibly optimistic outlook among discerning investors. Emerging from the gloomy shadow of the 2022
Penny stocks are generally associated with short term speculative investments. It’s a myth that penny stocks are purely speculative, when, in fact, there are potential multi-baggers out there. Granted, penny stocks do carry a significantly higher risk. It’s why careful screening is essential, which we’ve done here today. This column focuses on some of the top potential multi-bagger