In the last week of May, SaaS stocks faced a reckoning. A revenue miss by Salesforce (NYSE:CRM) triggered one of the sector’s severest selloffs in two years. However, investors have been throwing out the baby with the bath water, creating some attractive SaaS stocks to buy. In hindsight, the selloff in SaaS was slowly brewing
Hyper-growth stocks offer excitement, but their lifespan can be fleeting. Successful growth investors seek durable companies with long-term potential. Innovative firms continually emerge, offering transformative growth opportunities.  Despite misconceptions, the U.S. economy exhibits promise. GDP grows steadily, and unemployment recently hit historic lows near 4% as reduced inflation stabilizes prices, easing financial strain. Wage hikes
The video gaming industry, while robust, is facing some serious challenges. The slowdown in consumer spending, market saturation, and uninspiring video game titles have dampened the industry’s position. Moreover, though it’s one of the fastest-growing segments in entertainment, video gaming isn’t immune to market saturation and fierce competition. Hence, it’s probably time to think about
The global demand for chips has continued to increase in recent years, making the semiconductor industry one of the most attractive investment sectors in the stock market. While the semiconductor industry has enjoyed a significant boom, not all semiconductor stocks have kept pace with these developments. In this context, investors must reassess their portfolios, identifying
Betting on buyout buzz is high-risk and potentially high-reward. Takeover talk is already swirling around Powerschool Holdings (NYSE:PWSC), and a sell-the-news event could decimate Powerschool stock. So, don’t load your portfolio with shares if you’re serious about protecting your wealth. Based in California, Powerschool offers cloud-based education software for kindergarten through 12th grade. The Covid-19