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3 Cheap Flying Car Stocks That Smart Investors Will Snap Up Now

The sci-fi dreams of yesterday are shaping the realities of today. Flying cars, once the stuff of fiction, are now soaring into the realm of possibility.

These aerial marvels promise a new dawn for short flights to your destination and followed by hitting the road seamlessly. While the practicality of these winged wonders remains under debate, the numbers narrate a compelling story for cheap flying car stocks.

The sector, valued at $220 million last year, will likely skyrocket to an estimated $1.5 trillion over the next twenty years. That’s a jaw-dropping CAGR of over 55%. Environmental benefits and increased productivity aside, the businesses garnering attention are those boasting advanced tech and strategic alliances.

Flying car stocks may be the golden ticket for a futuristic transport landscape as they merge with airliners and target air-travel-centric cities.

Joby Aviation (JOBY)

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In the dynamic eVTOL space, Joby Aviation (NYSE:JOBY) has recently painted an electrifying picture. The American flying car forerunner has witnessed its stock surge over 90% year to date (YTD)!

It’s been bolstered by robust financial positioning and remarkable strides in its developmental stages. The firm is navigating the turbulence of ongoing financial losses with zero revenues in sight. Yet, it keeps an unwavering eye on the horizon, banking on promising products nearing their commercial debut. After all, with a hefty financial cushion of $1.2 billion cash on hand and the constant influx of substantial investments, bankruptcy remains a distant concern.

Moreover, JOBY is steering forward with strong backing from Toyota Motor (NYSE:TM), who supplied a $400 million investment for an over 10% stake. As we advance, Joby envisions leveraging Toyota’s seasoned insights and resources, working towards revolutionizing air travel.

Additionally, Joby plans to soar into the defense sector, poised to serve the U.S. military with its innovative eVTOL technology in 2024. Meanwhile, it is nurturing an ambitious air taxi project, a venture guided towards a critical lift-off following the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) nod for test flights. Come 2025, Joby anticipates embarking on a commercial voyage. It plans to steadily steer toward a future of commonplace aerial commuting.

EHang Holdings (EH)

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EHang Holdings (NYSE:EH) has been elegantly carving its niche in urban air mobility.

Pioneering in the Chinese eVTOL space, EHang clinched the title of being the first public eVTOL company. Further, it’s been flaunting its innovative prowess across global metropolises, navigating the regulatory maze across various corners of the world. To be fair, EHang’s compelling narrative lies in its tangible progress and robust potential. This evidence is found in a commendable 23% surge in sales on a year-over-year (YOY) basis as of June.

However, with any budding industry, the eVTOL sector is grappling with profitability challenges. EHang, despite showcasing impressive momentum, registered a loss of around $10.4 million in Q2 2023. Yet, the spotlight firmly remains on EHang’s impressive strides. Its newly minted EH216 air taxi is zipping at a brisk 80 miles per hour, priced at more than $300,000 a pop.

EH is firmly anchored in its expansive testing landscape, which spans 19 sites across 17 bustling Chinese cities. EHang has executed more than 8,000 trial flights, echoing its unwavering commitment to redefining urban mobility.

As the eVTOL story unfolds, EHang is keenly positioned, scripting a journey poised for take-off.

Embraer (ERJ)

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Brazilian multinational, aerospace powerhouse Embraer (NYSE:ERJ) is steering its expertise towards the exhilarating frontier of flying cars.

With a robust uptick of over 30% in its stock YTD, Embraer stands financially fortified with a staggering $2 billion cash reservoir. This fiscal prowess hands Embraer a sturdy rudder in the competitive race to dominate the burgeoning flying car space, a market poised to grow rapidly.

Chasing the bold horizon is Embraer’s promising offspring, Eve (NYSE:EVEX), nurturing grand visions of revolutionizing urban air mobility. In São Paulo, it’s setting up a large factory to create a flying car prototype by 2023. With plans to start mass production by 2026, Eve already has 3,000 orders for this vehicle.

This ambitious offspring has already begun weaving partnerships, showcasing its potential at the grand stage of the Paris Air Show. It signed a deal for a prodigious delivery of 50 aircraft to Norwegian carrier Widerøe while aligning with Nordic Aviation Capital for a potential fleet of 30 jets.

Furthermore, a budding collaboration with United Airlines (NYSE:UAL) has taken flight. EVEX envisions their crafts gracing the San Francisco skies, kindling prospects of an expansive, futuristic air network.

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