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Sometimes, the Reddit traders can seem irrational. This time around, however, they’re absolutely right to be bullish on AMC Entertainment (NYSE:AMC) stock. There’s quarterly financial data to show that the company is working toward profitability. Furthermore, the movie-theater chain is diligently working to reduce its debt. The company is also issuing a special dividend to sweeten the
Finding the best commodity stocks to buy can be challenging. Commodity investing involves directing capital toward the raw materials that are either consumed directly or serve as the building blocks of other products. While it is possible to purchase raw physical commodities, in this case, we’re talking about investing in the stocks of companies connected
Many of the hedge fund favorites are technology companies, my analysis of the most popular stocks among the 40 largest hedge funds shows. Additionally,  the top five hedge funds in 2022 hold widely followed names like Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO). The media tends to  closely cover the stocks that are most widely owned by hedge funds, making
Source: Shutterstock Currently, solar stocks are staging an enormous breakout. And our fundamental and technical analysis indicates this is just the beginning of a massive 50% melt-up! Indeed, the fundamental setup for solar stocks is ideal right now. New solar installations hit a record-high 50% of all new electricity-generation capacity additions last quarter. And just
With the risk-off trade dominating amid economic uncertainty, investors’ enthusiasm for penny stocks has dwindled. The focus has instead been on blue chips and deeply undervalued growth stocks. In any market conditions, though, there are penny stocks that will outperform. Allocating a small portion of your portfolio to select penny stocks could boost your overall
The beaten-down stock market has created an opportunity for contrarian investors in short-squeeze stocks. Essentially, bearish traders must borrow the underlying securities which they are pessimistic about. However, bullish traders en masse can deliberately bid up heavily shorted names, forcing the bears to buy back borrowed equities. Experts refer to the resulting upside panic as
Do you think I’d be writing for InvestorPlace if I knew the three top stocks to invest in right now? Of course not.  Then again, no one knows the three best stocks to invest in at any given time. That’s why hedge fund investors like Jim Simons are so successful. His firm, Renaissance Technologies, uses