Nikola (NASDAQ:NKLA) is a poster child for the special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) boom and bust of the past year. Nikola rose to prominence in 2020. Investors hoped that Nikola, powered by its charismatic founder, Trevor Milton, could become the next Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA). For awhile, NKLA stock soared as Milton’s pitch gained more and more
Editor’s Note: This article is regularly updated to bring you relevant, up-to-date information. The bulk of first-quarter earnings have been released, but there are still a few marquee names left to report during the week of May 31. These include a nice sampling of stay-at-home names that have seen monster growth during the global pandemic,
Shares of High Tide (NASDAQ:HITI) popped Friday on meme hype, closing at $7.50. Ignore the hype, and focus on the company. Source: Shutterstock Every industry needs a centralized retailer. Centralized retailers offer consistency of price, experience, inventory and convenience. For cannabis, that could be High Tide. High Tide has the potential to transform itself into the “Walmart of
What exactly is a stock? -If you purchase stock in Google, you own a small fraction of Google. -When you purchase stock, you’re buying a piece of the company. -People buy stock in order to invest -Companies sell stock in order to gain revenue (money to build/grow the company) Example -A person starts a candy
Cup and Handle Pattern: -It is a continuation pattern. -Discovered in 1988 by William O’Neil. I recommend his book How to Make Money in Stocks. -You need a previous trend in order to have a continuation pattern. -When the pattern trickles down the “handle” the volume will be slowly declining. -Once it breaks the “handle,”