Diamond rings and bracelets on display in a show window in Antwerp, Belgium. (Photo by Yuriko Nakao/Getty Images) Yuriko Nakao | Getty Images News | Getty Images “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” as the old song goes. But they’re not an investor’s favorite currently, with the precious gems losing some significant value over the
While everybody seemingly loves chip manufacturer Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA), its overheated nature organically yields a discussion about alternative chip stocks to NVDA. Don’t get me wrong, Nvidia is an awesome company. And sometimes, just because an entity is overbought doesn’t mean it will correct. Instead, this framework simply means that demand effectively outpaces supply. Nevertheless, investors
The digital world is changing fast. It’s creating a new investment opportunity: the metaverse. This virtual domain lets people interact and do many activities. It’s also disrupting industries and creating new ones. One of these new industries is retirement metaverse stocks. These stocks are a great option for smart investors who want a secure and
With the massive growth in the crypto realm during the pandemic, investors are always looking for millionaire-maker cryptos. However, with nearly 25,000 cryptocurrencies on the market and dozens more launching daily, it’s no wonder new investors may feel they’re navigating uncharted waters. These digital assets offer a range of possibilities. They are at various stages
Given the evergreen nature of their business, health insurance stocks offer investors a stable play. However, the rising medical costs are wreaking havoc, creating a minefield of health insurance stocks that could dent your portfolio. For example, UnitedHealth Group (NYSE:UNH), has been ringing alarm bells over escalating costs as Americans make up for delayed surgeries amidst the
The hype around artificial intelligence is causing concerns of a potential bubble in AI stocks. It remains uncertain if we are indeed in bubble territory. However, there is no denying the significant outperformance of AI-related stocks, especially those involved in manufacturing microchips and semiconductors that drive the technology. Consequently, this has led to the rise
If you’re a long-term investor in electric vehicle (EV) battery technology company QuantumScape (NYSE:QS), you probably felt a sense of relief when QS stock rallied recently. However, I’m advising extreme caution. This may just be a “bull trap,” and QuantumScape’s loyal shareholders could easily lose their gains soon. Not long ago, Wolfe Research analyst Rod
Batteries play a crucial role in the future of electric vehicles (EVs). Analysts and industry executives unanimously agree that the primary obstacle hindering widespread EV adoption is the battery technology. Specifically, limited driving range and lengthy charging times deter potential buyers. Consequently, retirement battery stocks have emerged as viable investment options. Moreover, batteries represent the