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2022 proved to be tumultuous for several industries, but 2023 has been off to a good start and with inflation finally cooling down, it looks like there is light at the end of the tunnel for investors to capture high return mining stocks. Mining companies have been making investments and acquisitions knowing that whatever the
In a globally synchronized world, there are big opportunities across sectors. This has intensified competition as companies look to grab a share of the pie. It eventually boils down to the survival of the fittest. In the context of corporations, the innovation factor determines the “fittest.” Therefore, this column focuses on innovative growth stocks for future profits.
The digital domain of the metaverse remains a massive opportunity for many sectors. With its massive potential applications, it’s no surprise that it’s drawn significant investment from major tech companies and corporations. Many consider it a massive market for long-term growth, resulting in investors to zero-in on top metaverse stocks to buy. The magnetic charm
There are plenty of reasons for investors to take a position in defense stocks. U.S. defense contractors tend to be safe and reliable investments. Most major defense contractors benefit from lucrative government contracts, innovative technologies, strong intellectual property rights, robust sales and growing profits. In addition, there are a number of attractive defensive stocks with
Some companies clearly have what it takes to remain leaders in their sectors. Many will never face meaningful competitive threats. They have very strong brands and are well-positioned to grow, making them some of the best long-term buy and hold stocks. Additionally, these companies provide products or services that are indispensable. Even better, most are
While market advocates will wince at accusations that investing is nothing more than legalized gambling, for these stocks with massive upside potential, I for one will have to concede that only speculators should read ahead. Though these enterprises may have yield lifechanging returns, they can quickly leave you in the poor house. At the same
Amid concerns about inflation and the Federal Reserve’s aggressive rate tightening, market conditions are anticipated to remain difficult in 2023. The ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine further contributes to the uncertain market outlook. Thus, finding stocks to buy in this environment can seem like a very difficult task. However, there are some high potential stocks
In the vast and dynamic world of investing, there is a constant search for hidden gem stocks. While the spotlight often shines on well-known companies, under-the-radar stocks can sometimes hold the greatest promise. Undervalued and overlooked by most investors, these sleeping giants may harbor untapped potential that can lead to significant growth. The hidden gems
A portfolio should have dividends, growth, and penny stocks depending on the risk-taking ability. Within the dividend stock space, there can be potentially two types of stocks. First, blue-chip stocks pay steady dividends. Additionally, emerging blue-chip stocks that have the potential to deliver robust dividend growth. This column focuses on some of the best dividend growth stocks that can give investors
With sentiments still bearish for EV stocks, it’s a good time to accumulate some of the best battery stocks with high growth potential. Looking beyond near-term headwinds, the growth story for EVs is still at an early stage. To put things into perspective, the battery value chain will likely see 14-fold growth in demand by 2030. It’s expected
Editor’s note: “Rags or Riches: Understanding the Best AI Bets” was previously published in February 2023. It has since been updated to include the most relevant information available. There has been a ton of press on artificial intelligence (AI) recently. But in all the news articles I’ve read and TV snippets I’ve seen, I have
Recently, semiconductor stocks surged dramatically. Outstanding earnings and promising forecasts from Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) sparked this rally, leading to a stellar week for the sector. The VanEck Semiconductor ETF (NYSEARCA:SMH), a key industry indicator, jumped over 11% in a single week. Looking closer, three standout semiconductor stocks emerge for future investment. These stocks have shown incredible