Stocks to buy

It’s been a banner year for energy stocks. With oil prices cresting above $120 a barrel and continuing to trade in a range between $85 and $105, energy companies are reaping record profits and issuing incredible earnings. Many energy companies have announced net income that is up more than 3,000% from year-earlier levels. It all
I recently saw a tweet from Charlie Bilello highlighting the top-performing S&P 500 stocks of the past 5, 10, 15, and 20 years. The top performers in each of these periods were once small company stocks. For example, over the past 20 years, Monster Beverage (NASDAQ:MNST) delivered a cumulative return of 134,341%. A $1,000 invested
Featuring one of the market’s love-hate affairs, the relevant-though-controversial category of oil stocks to buy will likely become increasingly intriguing to investors. Facing what could be a brutal winter for much of the world, geopolitical tensions cynically facilitate upside catalysts for hydrocarbon-related companies. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said it succinctly in a CNN interview. “This
For growth investors, technology-related companies have been a great place to park investment capital over the last decade. With new innovation, there’s been solid growth, which investors have paid handsomely for.  Accordingly, for those seeking the best returns possible, focusing on top tech stocks to buy has been a winning strategy. However, this year, investors aren’t paying
Possibly the greatest development in the broader digitalization sphere, quantum computers feature the potential to change everything we know about machine-driven calculations, thus auguring very well for cheap quantum computing stocks. Essentially, the transition is the rough equivalent of a combustion car versus an electric vehicle. Rather than cycling through each gear as velocity increases,
Water stocks help investors focus on one of the most fundamental aspects of life on Earth. All organisms, including humans, need water to stay alive. It is reported that water makes up about 70% of human body weight. Water and power are also critical in keeping the world’s economies growing and producing. But water is
If your initial instinct is that penny stocks represent extraordinarily risky ideas that feature little chance for success, you would be 100% correct. Clearly, conservative or risk-averse investors will find this subsegment of the market anathema to their approach. At the same time, no one investor is identical to the other. Considering the wider audience,
Finding the right EV stocks to buy can be confusing. A flurry of new overseas and domestic startups and established automakers led to robust market activity, with several companies soaring to mega-cap valuations. Due to challenging macroeconomic conditions, EV stocks have fallen from all-time highs achieved last year. Nevertheless, the long-term bull case for EV
In financial markets, cash flows, growth outlook and valuation does matter. However, investor sentiment plays a key role in driving growth stocks higher or lower. When the economic outlook is positive and the financial system has ample liquidity, growth stocks tend to command a valuation premium. On the other hand, when the economic outlook weakens