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There are several catalysts driving the stock market to record highs right now. These include expectations for lower interest rates, a resilient economy, strong corporate earnings, and a bull run in commodity prices with gold at an all-time high. However, no catalyst has provided more rocket fuel to stocks over the past year than artificial intelligence.  The mere
Reddit’s (NYSE:RDDT) initial public offering started off with a bang, prompting investor questions about buying after the Reddit IPO. It almost certainly is. Reddit is where the r/WallStreetBets community resides. They were the group that pushed up GameStop (NYSE:GME) stock and AMC Entertainment (NYSE:AMC) stock. Just to provide some background, technology entrepreneurs Alexis Ohanian and Steve
Current predictions show the cloud computing industry growing at a rapid pace in the coming years. Much of this growth stems from novel approaches to cloud technology, such as hybrid clouds, multi-clouds, and edge computing. These developing technologies now affect several sectors and have led to the growth of several under-the-radar cloud computing stocks. Traditional cloud
Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) launched its Vision Pro augmented reality headset in January. So far, early results have surpassed expectations. This could pave the way for a broader moment for augmented and virtual reality stocks. While semiconductors and artificial intelligence are stealing the spotlight right now, investors shouldn’t lose sight of the possibilities with augmented reality. There
In the turbulent stock market, dangers and uncertainties are high. Investors always look for that hard-to-find mix of growth and stability. These businesses are changing the perception of low-risk investments. They work in various industries, including travel technology, consumer staples, and human resources. The first is a giant of the travel technology industry, especially in
There are some stocks to make friends envious for March this year. These companies have impressive growth prospects and strong fundamentals that position them for potential outperformance. I chose these stocks due to their innovative business models, disruptive technologies, and ability to capitalize on emerging trends. Wall Street also seems to love these picks too,
The stock market’s scintillating form during the past year has surprised many. Although usually up to the task, various hedge funds failed to position for the year-over-year stock market surge, leaving them watching on from the sidelines. Numerous stocks have delivered stellar year-over-year returns, outperforming the market by some distance. Sure, many of them have
The current market’s volatility is ripe for momentum investing, a strategy well-suited for those who easily navigate daily market fluctuations. Distinct from value investing, which focuses on acquiring undervalued assets, high-momentum investing is predicated on the belief that assets with strong recent performance will likely maintain their trajectory in the short term. Essentially, momentum investing
Prescription weight loss drugs, like GLP-1 agonists and orlistat, offer effectiveness for some individuals and have proven effects the market has taken notice of. These drugs focus on curbing appetite, which investors in weight loss drug stocks have noticed. These drugs, combined with exercise and other diet enhancements, have proven effective. However, with FDA approvals
Crisis will turn into an opportunity for lithium stocks. That’s because supply issues are only temporary. And remember, as I noted on Jan. 21, “With some lithium mines shutting down or reducing production we could see less supply. This could help stabilize prices and send lithium prices higher with demand.” Two, current lithium prices are