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In an era where sustainability dominates global conversations, high potential green penny stocks are gaining considerable attention. Investors looking to make a positive environmental impact while reaping substantial returns should consider these under-the-radar investment opportunities. These companies aren’t just making a difference in the world but are also positioning themselves to meet the increasing demand
It’s easy to find reasons to bet against global movie-theater chain AMC Entertainment (NYSE:AMC). For example, AMC stock is on a long-term downtrend. Also, AMC Entertainment has a sizable long-term debt load and isn’t generally liked by analysts. Yet, the bull case is stronger than you might expect, and a share-price rally could actually be imminent.
Real estate investment trusts are a popular way for income investors to play the stock market. The best REITs to buy for income and growth provide both a solid dividend payment and consistent returns. But in recent years, investing in REITs hasn’t been the slam-dunk choice as in years past. The Covid-19 pandemic brutalized office
In arguably a vast majority of cases, the concept of top safe high-yield dividend stocks represents an oxymoron. Stated differently, if you want robust passive income, you usually must concede your preferences for reliability and sustainability. On the flipside, if you’re targeting absolute safety, your passive income potential will almost necessarily diminish. However, in a
For now, electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Mullen Automotive (NASDAQ:MULN) isn’t getting a lot of love on Wall Street. However, a turnaround could be imminent for MULN stock. Mullen has been highly active lately, and a recent announcement indicates that the automaker could quickly ramp up production in the coming months. Even though Mullen Automotive stock
So far, the stock market has seemingly shrugged off fears of default if the U.S. debt ceiling is not raised. But intelligent investors may want to play it safe with dividend stocks. Because as the debt ceiling negotiations continue, investors may become nervous, resulting in market volatility. When faced with market uncertainty, playing it safe
Despite cooling inflation, investing in farmland remains an excellent way to hedge against higher prices. That’s because it’s a real asset that does well in periods of inflation and over more extended periods because of ongoing food scarcity issues. According to Barron’s reporting, the 25-year average annual return for farmland through March 2021 was 11.2%,